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Things You Should Do if Halted While Under the Influence 


If you are planning to consume alcohol, you must never drive at all. Sadly, most people don’t follow this advice. There are a few general rules that you need to adhere to the event you’ve been consuming alcohol and is interrupted by an officer while driving: 


Make sure to pull over your vehicle in a safe area. Officers will immediately observe you if they think you’ve been drinking and driving at the same time. Anything and individual will be reported. Prioritize your safety by pulling over in a safe space and switch off your vehicle engine.  

Be polite 

Make sure to be polite and cooperative. Disputing with the police officer can never be advantageous in this type of situation. When you become rude, combative, hostile, and etc., you are actually urging the officers to arrest you even the level of the blood alcohol isn’t over the legal limit. Meanwhile, refrain from being too complimentary or talkative since this could also be suspicious. 

Be calm 

Never do any suspicious acts. Again, the police officers will be paying attention to everything you do. Don’t do any weird movements as much as possible like attempting to hide open drugs or alcoholic beverages. The greatest point to use is to make sure that your hands are kept on the steering wheel.  

Just give limited details 

Don’t incriminate yourself, but let them know the truth. You will be asked to provide information to the officer, such as proof of insurance, vehicle registration, driver’s license, and your name. But, you don’t need to tell the officers when you’ve been drinking, how much drink have you took, etc. Another way to politely answer their other inquiries is to just say something such as, “Forgive me officer, but I’ve been asked to not answer any further inquiries.” 

Do the tests at the police station 

If you refuse to take a handheld Breathalyzer and a field sobriety test, there’s a great chance for you to be arrested by the officer and take you to their police station. The best thing you can do here is to take the Breathalyzer test and do not take the blood test. This is because the Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers can contest the Breathalyzer test’s reliability in court, however, a blood test showing that a person is beyond the legal limit could be a strong argument that causes one to be convicted. 

Cooperate at the police station 

In a police station, you will be detained for quite some time until you can post bail. During these moments, make sure to keep to yourself, follow instructions, and be cooperative.  

Jot down everything you can remember 

Right after being released from jail, it’s very important to record everything you can remember regarding the arrest.  

Have an attorney.  

It’s really essential to have legal representation before you try to combat a DUI. Get an experienced and qualified lawyer who is skilled in handling DUI cases and discuss the problem with them. 

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How to Properly Use Topsoil for Your Landscape

If you want a healthy landscape, it is vital to have nutrient-rich topsoil. Plants, such as grass, might have a hard time growing in it if the topsoil in your lawn contains the wrong form of nutrients or has little or no nutrients.

Because of that, when using topsoil in your landscape, there are a couple of things you need to understand.

Here are a couple of things you need to think about if you are considering applying topsoil to your landscaping in Phoenix.

Spread New Seed

You need to seed the topsoil with new grass after you apply it to your landscape. You might smother a couple of existing grasses in your landscape when you apply the new topsoil. This will lead to the death of the grass. However, it isn’t a foolproof answer.

You instead have to reseed the places of your landscape in which you apply the new topsoil.

Evenly Distribute the Topsoil

When applying the topsoil to your landscape, you should always keep in mind to evenly distribute it. You shouldn’t simply throw a load of topsoil in the middle of the landscape. You have to evenly distribute the topsoil if you want to encourage a healthy landscape.

Choosing the Correct Type

Obviously, you have to pick the correct type of topsoil for your landscape.

An excellent general rule to follow is to use topsoil with the same combination of minerals and nutrients as that of your current landscape.

You can always visit a plant nursery in your local area and ask for a suggestion if you are having a hard time looking for the correct type of topsoil for your landscape.

The local plant nursery will be able to recommend the right topsoil that works for the landscape in the climate of your region.

Aerate Before Applying the Topsoil

Before you apply the new topsoil, it is an excellent idea to aerate the landscape. For those who don’t know, aeration includes scoring the existing soil with a lot of shallow and small holes. You can use a motorized aerator or a walk-behind aerator to aerate your landscape.

It will mix up the soil underneath as the machine creates shallow and small holes. The topsoil will then combine with the current soil to produce the best growing environment for plants and grass.

Only Apply in Places Where It is Required

Of course, your entire landscape typically does not need new topsoil. Because of this, you only have to add new topsoil to places where it is required.

Patches of discolored or otherwise brown grass sometimes is sign of a poor-quality topsoil. Because of this, you need to think about adding the new topsoil to places of discoloration.

Whether your current landscape has a couple of bare spots or you need topsoil for a newly planted landscape, a fresh layer of soil can help improve your lawn. If you want to know more about adding topsoil, do not hesitate to contact a professional landscaping company. They can help you.

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